GM Sold Opel and Vauxhaul?!

SO I just read on CNBC that GM will be selling off its European brands, Opel (based in Germany) and Vauxhall(Based in Bedfordshire, England, UK) to the PSA Group, who own the Peugeot brand, from France. According to the article, the two brands weren't profitable for GM. The sale will make the PSA group the second largest Auto Group in Europe, Just behind V.A.G, according to this post from the Washington Post. According to Bloomberg, Since 2009, GM has lost something like $9 Billion in just the European market alone. The deal, for about $2.3 Billion, should be good for PSA, who also own Citroen.

Just a bit of a rundown of how Opel and Vauxhall have affected the US market...Vauxhall brought us the Chevette, the Insignia (We know it as the Buick Regal), the Astra (sold here as a Saturn), Opel Vectra (Sold here as the Saturn L-series), Opel Omega (Sold as the Cadillac Catera) and more.It will be interesting to see what the future of GM will look like without having Opel and Vauxhalls cars to borrow parts and chassis from.

I'm kind of partial to the older Opels, though. My Dad used to own a 1974 Opel 1900 Wagon; a Car that I really want to build. I'd love to find own and turn it into a project.

In the long run, though, this should be good for both the PSA group, as they'll acquire some 11 manufacturing facilities across Europe, as well as 2 brands that already have household name status.
On the GM side, getting rid of a portion of the company that wasn't profitable is a good move for any company, as profit is the bottom line.

This whole thing should go down, if all is approved, later this year. In related news, Due to the sale of the European branch of GM, Holden, GM's Australian operation, should benefit. Previously, it was announced that at the end of 2017, both Holden and Ford Australia were going to be Discontinued. IT appears, though, according to, this could be a very good thing for GM and Holden. I guess only time will tell, though.

Although, as some know, I've been fairly critical of GM in the past, due to their line of less-than-interesting vehicles, seemingly rushed engineering process and relatively poor build quality. But I'll be interested to see how this whole deal goes.

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