Detroit AutoRama 2017 Coverage part 1

My third visit to Cobo Call this year was for AutoRama. I had never been, so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect.

But as soon as I walked into the main hall, I was greeted by what was essentially a live version of my Instagram and Facebook feeds, minus the import cars. This Vega in the Jegs booth was awesome. The color combo, stance and powerplant just make for a car I'd LOVE to have in my garage.

Jegs was one of many exhibitors present, with hundreds of products on display.

Sadly, I don't remember the name of the exhibitor that had these awesome ITB's, but this V8 "Eight-Stack" manifold was gorgeous.
This 1957 Chevy sedan was amazing. The paint, and level of detail on the car was very impressive.
Some of you might have seen the Dukes of Hazzard. These 2 cars are replicas of the General Lee (1969 Dodge Charger) and Rosco's Police Cruiser (1978 Plymouth fury)
This crashed charger was actually jumped on the streets of Detroit earlier in the weekend. This is the damage from the jump...sort of ruins the movies a bit...
Keeping with the Dukes of Hazzard, this Jeep CJ-7, driven by Daisy Duke in the show.
This gorgeous 1960 Chevy El Camino was the nicest ElCo I've ever seen.
Not sure what this was, but it certainly was what I expected to see at what is called "America's Best Hot Rod Show".
This 65 Mustang, like everything on the main floor, was absolutely perfect.
This Supercharged and Intercooled '55 Chevy was one of my favorite "Tri-Five" cars present.
The charge piping and paint is perfect.
This Dodge Power Wagon was one of my favorite pickups present. This one was quite special, though.
This Power Wagon is running a 4BT Cummins diesel engine. I'm not a truck guy, but I'd love to own this thing.
 Stay tuned for more AutoRama coverage.



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