BBC: The Racing Collection

I was browsing Amazon Prime Video tonight and noticed something in the "Documentaries" section and found this.
The BBC: The Racing Collection has 7 documentaries split into 2 seasons. Season 1 had 4 documentaries detailing some of the most important eras in Global Motorsport.

In "Grand Prix: The Killer Years", legendary drivers Sir Jackie stewart, Emerson Fitipaldi and John Surtees tell stories of the early days of Formula 1, before any safety regulations. When it was considered acceptable to have multiple deaths per season in the series. It's a very interesting documentary.

"Rallying: The Killer Years" goes through the harrowing history of rallying in the 80's. Known for it's high level of danger for drivers and spectators alike, Rallying is one of the most fascinating motorsports to watch.

"Dakar: Madness in the Desert", as the name suggests, is about the legendary Paris-To-Dakar Rally. I've yet to watch this one, but it's in my Queue.

"Joey: The man who conquered the TT" is about the legendary Isle of Mann Tourist Trophy motorcycle race.
 I'll update with more once I've seen all of them.



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