AutoRama Detroit part 5

As promised, another set from AutoRama Detroit.
This Factory Five Cobra kit car, though only a replica, was a nice car.

This 1982 Ford EXP was interesting. I had never heard of this car, though, from listening to people around it, it was a fairly rare variant of the Escort, and was also the predecessor to the Ford Probe.

This bizzare custom, called the "VooDoo Sahara" apparently started life as a Kaiser, though I'm not sure how much of the original car is still there.

This 'cuda RestoMod, with a Viper 8.4L V-10 was awesome. I just wish I got some better pictures of it.
The Pantera was an unusual car. Sort of a hybrid Italian and American sports car.
The ford 351 V8 sits fairly far ahead in the car, leaving a fairly odd open space above the exposed transmission.

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