AutoRama Detroit 2017 Part 4

As promised, here is yet another post of the great, and numerous cars of AutoRama Detroit.
This perfect 1927 Ford Roadster, done up in a sort of period-correct racing car, was quite cool. The Striping was a nice touch.

Around the rear, the tall tires rise above the sheet metal, adding a nice period HotRod look.

This, one of many 1932 fords, was a very well done build. I especially like the paint colors and the wheels.

There's just something about this hotrod, with it's "Bare Steel" look, possibly covered in a Matte Clearcoat. A very modern looking classic hot rod, for sure.

It's no secret that I'm quite a fan of the C2 Corvettes. This one, with it's amazing deep plum color and contrasting matte bronze on the wheels just works so well.

The color scheme continues under the hood, with the Plum color contrasting with both the matte bronze and chrome on the engine. I love it.

And how do you ignore this Shelby GT350? It's such a distinctive car.

This Willys Jeep was, while relatively spartan in form, built for pure function. A 2.2L inline 4 engine provides the power. I'm particularly a fan of the tow rope wrapped around the bumper.

Coming right back to color schemes, this '32 Ford pickup was another cool build.

This Mercury was, for some reason, one of my favorites at the show. That large V8 sits where a relatively small inline 4 once lived.

This perfect first-generation Corvette was nicely done, though I'm not completely sold on the color.

This car...I Love this car. It's got what appears to be about a 6 inch roof chop and about 3 inches of channeling done to the body, as well as a possible frame stretch to fit the engine up front. And the wheels, again, in Matte Bronze (seems to be the new trend) go rather nicely with the light teal body.

These 2 cars, a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R on the left, and an R32 GT-R  on the Right, didn't quite fit in with the rest of the cars there, I'm glad they were there, though. It's not too often I see skylines around.

This Lotus Europa Twin Cam was a car I never thought I'd see anywhere, let alone at AutoRama. But, here it was, in all of it's oddly-shaped glory. I love these things.

I love the color on this, especially with the black wire wheels.

And finally, this odd creation. A Dually hot rod with an oddly-shaped custom dumping bed....not sure about it's purpose, but it looks good.
Anyway, that's all for now. Keep checking back for more.



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