AutoRama 2017 part 3

In part 3 of my AutoRama coverage, I've chosen more great cars. This classic Ford hot rod, finished in metallic brown, and matte bronze on the engine and wheels, was beautiful.

This 1932 Ford Hot Rod was done up in a very classic style. It resembles many Hot Wheels cars I've seen.

A classic rivalry, the Camaro vs. the Mustang. The original Pony Cars.

This Nash Ambassador was pretty cool. I was a fan of the dual-fuselage-style hood ornament. Slightly reminiscent of the P-38 Lightning fighter plane.

This 1930's Mercury "Lead Sled" was nicely done. A great representation of the "Kustom" car culture.

This "Tri-Five" Gasser was pretty cool. The engine bay was cool.

This 1948 Cadillac Sedanette was gorgeous. The wheels, ride height and paint were on point.

This mercury coupe was amazing. The Louvres on the hood caught my eye as I walked past.

This RestoMod '66 Mustang was perfect.

I love the simplicity of this 1932 Ford roadster.

This Ford Wagon was amazing. Definitely one of my favorites.

Stay tuned for more coverage!



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