Where is my flying car!?

Back in the 1950's, it was common belief that we would all be driving around in flying cars by the year 2000. Though, we were also told that the world was going to end on December 21st, 2012, or that by 2010, all cars would be electric.   (photo credit)
Here we are in 2017. There are no flying cars, jetpacks aren't exactly a thing yet....but we do have Flyboarding....which is kind of like a jetpack...kind of.  (photo credit)
We haven't made a moon colony, invented faster-than-light travel, put a man on Mars, fallen victim to nuclear war, or begun wearing silver jumpsuits as normal clothing. But, we do have this. This is one of a handful of cars out right now that hint at where the future of cars is headed. We have, however, made giant leaps and bounds in many of the areas of technology needed for developing a flying car. We have aircraft that, with the aid of computer systems and AI, are more maneuverable than they should be. We have cars that can park, and in some situations, drive themselves. We have vehicles that can perform under many different conditions, and on varying terrain from snow to open water. I just feel like the major inhibitor now is twofold: Liability and Cost, not to mention engineering drawbacks in making a durable, lightweight, compact airframe that can double as a car chassis and hold enough fuel to have a reasonable range. (Photo Credit)
And that's just the issues with the production end. From an infrastructure standpoint, current roads aren't set up to allow cars with functional flight surfaces to operate alongside normal cars. Wings take up too much space, as do engines capable of providing enough thrust to get a 3500lb vehicle into the air, and sustain flight. The current infrastructure is centered around ground access rather than roof or raised platform access, with the exception of helipads. In order for flying cars to become a practical thing, the infrastructure would need to change drastically to allow parking on upper levels of buildings. Fueling stations would need to be added to higher levels.

And the biggest issue...most motorists struggle with driving a normal car on normal roads at normal speeds. adding higher speeds and elevation will drastically increase motoring fatalities.

These issues among other things, make flying cars merely something out of classic science fiction.
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