Speedhunters: DR30 Skyline RS

As I've mentioned before, I love speedhunters.com. I've been a fan since about 2007. You also might know that I'm a fan of older Japanese cars, especially old Nissans. So, when I saw Dino Dalle Carbonare's post about this amazingly restored DR30 Skyline RS a few days ago, I got a bit excited.
This car, the R30 Skyline, was the first R-chassis Generation of the Skyline. Unlike more modern variants, or the earlier models, this car only has a 4-cylinder engine. This isn't the GT-X RS Turbo model, which is my All-Time Favorite Skyline ever, but it's still right up there for me. The Carbon Fiber lower cladding, the ultra clean paint work and engine bay, the wheels, even the fender-mounted mirrors all add up to what is a rather stunning build. And, to top it all off, It's one of Dino Dalle Carbonare's posts. Dino has to be one of my favorite automotive journalists / Photographers right now. Check out the complete post here to see what has to be the most beautiful R30 skyline I've ever seen.


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