R.E.Olds Museum: Emblems and Ornaments

Recently, I've begun to pay a little more attention to emblems, hood ornaments and decorative radiator caps. When I went to the R.E.Olds Museum recently, I focused more on the smaller details,

The badge on this Oldsmobile Viking is simple, yet awesome.

The badges today don't have the same character and detail as they did back in the 1920's. This Oldsmobile Badge has so much fine detail.

R.E.O. was, for a while, the truck division of Oldsmobile.

They made everything from business coupes up to the full-size Tractor trucks.

The 1940's saw a big influence in "Aerodynamic" enhancements inspired by rocketry and space travel.

This was one of Oldsmobiles emblems in the 50's.

This was one of the final iterations of the logo.

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