Gilmore Car Museum - Room 2b

This 1934 Pierce Arrow 1250A was pristine. The 2-tone paint might not be original, but the car looks almost perfect.

Powered by a carbureted 175hp 7.5L V-12 engine, this car sold for $3,750 when new, which would be something like $67,000 in today's money.

This gorgeous 1936 Buick Series 40 coupe is a great reminder of how cool Buicks used to be. Simple things like spare tires were styled into the bodywork.

Sold in 1936 for $885, this car was powered by a 3.7L Inline 8 engine making 93hp

This 1934 DeSoto Airflow was a bit of an unusual car. One of the first cars utilizing a Unibody construction, and super modern streamlining. Powered by a 4.0L 100hp Inline 6, mated to a synchronized 3-speed manual.

This 1932 Ford Model B Pickup was one of the first Fords to use the Flathead V8. 
This 1932 DeSoto Two-Door Brougham was advertised as "Americas Smartest Low-Priced Car", selling for about $695.

This 1932 Hupmobile Model B-216 Roadster was a rather interesting car. The coachwork around the dashboard was pretty aggressive for it's time. Powered by a 75hp 3.7L Inline 6 engine, the car went for about $1000 when new.

This 1931 Buick Victoria Coupe was another very pristine car. I especially like the wooden-spoke wheels.

Powered by a 344 cubic inch Inline 8, this car made about 104hp.

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