Event Coverage: The Million Dollar Motorway

This weekend, I hit up the Michigan International Auto Show at Devos Place in Grand Rapids, MI. Outside the main show room was the Million Dollar Motorway exhibit, host to about 20 high-end cars. This Rolls-Royce Ghost Drophead was pretty cool. The photo makes the color seem a bit odd.

This Aston Martin DB-11 was pretty cool. I had never seen one before then, so it was a nice surprise.

This Vanquish Volante was absolutely gorgeous. This was only the second such car I'd ever seen. The first Volante model.

The McLaren 570GT is such a cool car. I've yet to be dissapointed by anything McLaren has put out.

I Especially enjoy McLaren's now-trademark silhouette.

This 570S was another car I was excited to see. Someday, I'll get to drive one of these. Or at least find out if I fit.

This Maserati Levante seems to bear a rather odd resemblance to the Jeep Cherokee...

I've been wanting to look at a Ferrari 488 Spyder in person, so, like every other car in this exhibit, I was rather excited to see this example.

The Bentley Continental GTC Speed is one of my favorite cars. I'd prefer the Hard-top variant, but this one would be fine.

Finally, this rather brightly colored Lamborghini Huracan set a nice tone for the exit of the exhibit.

Check back for more coverage of the Michigan International Auto show, as well as more from the Gilmore Car Museum.



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