Car Feature: 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car

The 1960's saw many unusual concept cars, most of which never made it into production. This one, however, did. The bodies were styled and built in Turin, Italy by Ghia. Of all the Turbine Cars made total, only 9 exist. According to Wikipedia, this is a mechanically inactive model.
The styling in the rear has obvious styling cues borrowed from Jet aircraft of the time. Note the non-functional Afterburners.
This, Chrysler's 4th-generation Turbine engine, was a true flexible-fuel vehicle, with the ability to run on Diesel, Gasoline, Kerosene, Jet fuel, Vegetable oil, even Tequila.
Dubbed the "A831", this engine ran up to 44,500 RPM's, and made about 130hp. (Photo Credit)
The interior had more features inspired by Jet engines. Note the transmission tunnel. This car was one of my favorites at the Gilmore Car Museum.
 This video from Jay Leno's YouTube Channel, Jay Lenos Garage, has a much more in-depth view of the car in a way only Jay can.

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