Cadilac LaSalle Museum

At the Gilmore Car Museum, there are several other buildings apart from the main building. This one houses the Cadillac LaSalle Club museum.

Just inside the door was this 1948 Fleetwood Sixty Special. Such a beautiful car.

No Cadillac collection would be complete without this, the most iconic Cadillac. The 1959 Series 6200 Coupe. The fins and the length of the car (225 inches) give it as much presence, if not more, than the current Escalade ESV. Not to mention an extra half inch in length.

This 1937 LaSalle Convertible was gorgeous, like most of the cars in this portion of the Museum.

Can you imagine if Cadillac still made the -16 Roadster?....

This Model 62 4-door sedan was pretty cool. I had never seen one of these before. 

This 1941 Sixty Special, built in Detroit and powered by a 5.7L V8, was a beautiful car.

Cadillac used their trademark Fins on everything in the late fifties and into the sixties. This 1961 4-door hardtop is no exception. I'm a fan of the color, as well.

This 1954 Eldorado Convertible, the second year for the model, was the convertible variant of that generation Series 60.

And Finally, ending with a bit of Malaise, is this 1976 Coupe Deville. 231 inches long, 5,400 lbs and finished in brown...This was when Cadillac had that stereotypical "Cadillac Ride".

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