10 things all gearheads must know

So a while back, I posted this list of things I think all car guys should know.

1. The difference between 4-Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive.

2. How to drive a car with a manual transmission
3. How to properly wash and wax a car by hand
4. How Independent rear Suspension differs from a Live rear end, and where they each do well.
5. the 4 strokes of a gasoline engine in order.
6. the difference between Turbocharging and Supercharging
7. How to change your own engine oil
8. how to properly place and operate a jack.
9. Identifying what engine a car has by exhaust note alone.

10. use resources available to learn about your preferred vehicle.

This one can't really be described with a video, so I'll do my best to explain this. First, whatever car you own, there is more than likely an online owners club. Some are global clubs, some are regional. Just google search "(insert car make and model) owners club".

Next, go to your local auto parts store or better yet, browse Amazon for Haynes service manuals or other publications specific to your vehicle. When you find a good one, purchase it and read it thoroughly.

Next, youtube has a vast archive of vehicle specific repair videos, reviews and such.

Other than that, a little internet savvy goes a long way.

So, stay tuned, and please, comment below if you feel I'm mistaken, or if you want to add your own thoughts.



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