Who makes the best cars in the world? part 2

Some of you read my last post about Porsche, Subaru and Toyota. Here are my next set of 3: Volvo, Ford and Honda.

Starting off with Volvo. Started in 1927 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo has since been at the forefront of vehicle safety. This Volvo 240 Estate, for example, was known for being a solid, well-built, safe car, if not a little boring. Motorstown.com

Volvo's XC90 (XC stands for Cross-Country), the largest passenger car they make, is known as a good, safe family SUV.
Former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson stated that it was perhaps the best family car. st.automobilemag.com
Volvos have, in recent years, been the subject of some of my favorite posts over on SpeedHunters. This one especially, since it was built locally.  This lowly 122s, originally built with a 1.5L, 95hp I-4, has had a bit of a transplant...It's now running a Mitsubishi 4G63T with around 450bhp to the wheels. How cool is that? Photo Credit: Larry Chen of Speedhunters
Next up, Ford. For is, perhaps, the most important manufacturer, historically. Ford pioneered the assembly line process with these cars. Way back in 1908, the Model T was the first affordable automobile for the masses. it opened travel to the common middle-class American.  photo credit
Another reason Ford is amazing is that, back in the mid-to-late 1960's, made history. If you want the in-depth version, watch episode 6 of the Grand Tour on Amazon Prime. Here's the quick version. Ferrari, long-time-champions of all Motorsport they entered, came into some hard times. Henry Ford II offered to buy Ferrari. All of the paperwork had been been written up, and Enzo Ferrari was about to sign them, until he noticed the part where he had to give up his Motorsport division to Ford. He wasn't having any of that, so he backed out of the sale altogether. As you would imagine, this pissed of Mr Ford. He set out from that point, regardless of cost, to build a car that could run in, and beat, Ferrari in the toughest race ever...Le Mans. Over the next year and a half, development went on for the car. The final iteration, the car you see above, was the GT40. It was a mere 40 inches tall, and had engines varying from 255c.i.d. to 427c.i.d, depending on the iteration. TopSpeed
I'd be remiss if, when talking about the best cars made, I didn't mention the best-selling Pickup truck in America, the Ford F-series. Starting back in 1948, the Ford F-series has been the brands workhorse. There have been countless variations of the vehicle, from normal single-cab short box pickups to full-on tow vehicles, dump trucks, even tractor trucks.Nearly 70 years in production, and a very good portion of those sold are still on the road. photo credit
Honda. Few manufacturers have the history, following or variety that Honda has. From small 1hp engines in generators and chainsaws up to full-size crossover SUV's, Honda has probably made it. The Accord, going into it's 40th year of production, has long been the go-to car, along with the Camry, for people who want a good, relatively inexpensive sedan that will outlast the warranty, and likely be passed on to their children. photo credit.
Honda has long been competing in Motorsport. From Classic touring series to BTCC, Formula 1, Indy, JGTC, WTAC and GRC, Honda has had a presence in the race, and often, on the podium. indycar-wallpapers.com
Honda is also known for its sports cars. From the Integra Type R, Civic Type R or Si to the S-series sports cars, they were engineered to handle. But none really capture attention like the NSX. Built with suspension tuning input by legendary F1 Driver (now deceased) Ayerton Senna, the car was meant to carve corners and put in fast lap times. photo credit
So. Volvo, Ford and Honda.3 more of, in my opinion, the best manufacturers.



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