Proper Car review form?

I've seen many car reviews online. Most seem to follow a single form: Introduce the car, do a walkaround, point out things about the car, shoe the features, and then finish up with a test drive, and a brief summary.

I've looked at all of my car reviews, and there is something glaringly wrong with all of them. Looking past the boring test routes, the failing to readu p on the car before I start talking, or even the simple things, like good camera placement. The worst thing is that they don't follow the proven form. They have just been the long test drive.

For my next batch of reviews, I hope to get more time to review the car. Drive it more than just to lunch.
Having reviewed everything that Hyundai currently offers, apart from the 7-passenger Santa Fe and the Sonata, I'm looking forward to the new models.

As for Cadillac, I've yet to drive any V-model or any variant of the Escalade. But maybe that is yet to come.



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