NAIAS 2017 Initial thoughts

Good morning, readers.

As phil mentioned earlier, the Detroit Auto Show opened to the public today. Phil tries to make it every year. It's been a while since I went, though. At least 6 years, I think. So, when Phil asked if we were going, I talked with the wife and made plans.

As the wife and I have 4 kids, my main focus this year was family cars with up to 8 seats. Sure, I love the performance cars and the off road stuff, but I was being realistic this year.

En route down, we checked out the exhibitor list and noticed an absence of some of my favorite manufacturers like Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti and the other high-end VAG companies, as well as Tesla and Ferrari. So, as you'd imagine, the show was a bit underwhelming.

I was particularly impressed with the General Motors and Chrysler exhibits, as well as Volkswagen and Toyota. I'll be doing some more in-depth reviews and comparisons of the cars I looked at. 

But first....some sleep.



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