Event Coverage: 2017 North American International Auto Show part 1

This year at NAIAS, all the usual manufacturers were there. Ford, the first exhibit as you enter Hall A, had a strong display. We got there just after 9:45, but there were already tons of people there.
As you would expect, every possible variant of every car Ford currently manufactures was on display.

The Mustang looks pretty awesome with these gradient stripes.

This hoist would periodically lift this  F-150 up about 10 feet into the air.

This new EcoBoost Raptor was pretty awesome. It was a bit more aggressive than the previous model.

The new Ford GT was pretty sweet. In person, it looks better than most pictures would make it seem.

I really like the exhausts and tail-lights. Almost makes me wish the exhausts came out in the center of the tail-lamps.

The Le Mans variant of the GT was pretty cool. Still had the dirt from it's last race.

Thanks for reading Part one. Keep checking back for more coverage of NAIAS



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