Event Coverage: NAIAS part 4: Toyota

This next section is from Toyota. And, rather disappointingly, starting out with a Prius. This is the only photo I took of it that wasnt blocked by people. As a car guy, I am supposed to hate the prius. But honestly, it's not the car itself that car guys hate, even though it is a rather drab looking thing normally. It's the owners we tend to dislike. This car, however, looked awesome. It's been gone through by the likes of Kuhl racing, Evasive motorsports and TRD. 

Next up is another car that, as a car guy, I am supposed to hate: the Sienna minivan. But look at it. How can I hate this? Blue wagon with gold wheels?...

Seriously. Blue car, gold wheels and a hood scoop...It's trying to be a WRX. And I approve.

These wheels are awesome.

Next up, the new Camry. Seriously...Toyota really impressed me this year. I'm almost afraid to admit this, but I want one....man, Toyota had that effect on me this year.

The Camry, which has represented boring reliability and bland styling since the 70's, now looks Aggressive and sporty....What is going on?....I kind of want one. Don't worry, though, I'm not trading in the forester for one of these any time soon...



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