Event Coverage: NAIAS - Honda and Acura

One of the bigger exhibitors at NAIAS this year was Honda and Acura. Honda had a strong showing of its usual family cars and such, which I'll be getting to later. Hondas Luxury division, Acura, hasn't really been on my radar much. Sure, they make nice cars, but, apart from a few models, I never really gave them much attention until now.

The new TLX impressed me, though. It could be due to it's similar styling to other sports sedans of it's size, including Toyotas all-new 2018 Camry and Alfa's new Giulia. With either a 2.0L 4-cyl or a 3.5L V6 and AWD in SH trims, this car looks promising.

Acura's other car on my radar is their Flagship model, the all new NSX supercar. 

North of 500hp combined, coming from a Turbocharged V6 paired up with an electric motor to drive the rear wheels in a way not unlike the KERS system found on Formula 1 cars. The front wheels each have their own electric motor, making the car a sort of Hybrid Turbocharged All-Wheel-Drive supercar which, according to James May, makes for a car that ticks all the right boxes for the Perfect Electric supercar.

The GT3 variant was present as well. As with any race-prepped variant of any car, I'm convinced that it's not possible for a GT3-spec car to be ugly.

The Carbon Fiber aero, the vinyl wrap and other small details just completed the package. Granted, this car probably hasn't been in any races yet, as evidenced by a lack of Livery, but I'm sure it will.
Honda had their new Civic SI coupe on display. It's Turbocharged engine marking a departure from Hondas traditional NA setup. I'm interested to see how well this car does on it's inevitable lap of the Grand Tour "EbolaDrome"

I like the tail-lights on this car. The angular design adds a bit of an aggressive touch.

This concept, which I failed to get the name on, was cool.

More or less just a 4-wheeled motorcycle.

Obviously setup for track duty, judging by the camber in the rear, it looks like it could tear up a track.

Right behind it was this actual 2-wheeled motorcycle with a cool MotoGP-inspired livery.

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