Event Coverage: NAIAS 2017 - Hyundai

As most of you who read my Blog know, I've already covered a large portion of the Hyundai lineup in my reviews. So, this post will cover just the new stuff from this year.

This is the new Elantra Sport. This, a new trim level of the Elantra, comes with the 1.6T and either the 7-speed DCT or the 6-speed manual from the Veloster Turbo.

The interior is largely the same as the standard Elantra, though you do get all of the features from the Limited, along with dark grey leather with red stitching. The Sport gets a flat-bottom steering wheel, as well as a rather nice looking shifter. Fully optioned out, this should go for about $26,000 after taxes and fees.

The standard Elantra seems to have had a slight redesign on the grille. Still not a bad looking car for $20,000.

The Sonata Turbo looks about the same as the 2017 model year, but I'm sure there will be new features for it. Big thanks to the gentleman standing in front of the car. I forget his name, but after talking to him for a bit, he let me up into the Owners lounge.

Finally, the car I was looking for at Hyundai: The new Ioniq hybrid. I'm hoping to get a review in on one within the next 6 months. Competing directly with the Prius, this car is built on the Elantra platform, which you can kind of see.
Stay tuned for more!



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