Event Coverage: NAIAS 2017 - GM

It's probably no secret that, in general, GM cars don't do much for me. But, they do make some good cars. After browsing the GM cars on display, I might just have to change my mind. This new Lacrosse is actually a really nice looking car. It seems to share quite a bit with the new Chevy Impala, which is also a really nice looking car.
I'm quite a fan of the front end of this. Almost so much so that I'd drive one.

The Buick Grille almost makes me do a double take, as this car looks far different from the buicks I saw all over growing up.

This Escala Concept from Cadillac was absolutely gorgeous. Sleek, edgy lines, futuristic headlamps, and a relatively long wheelbase give this car a presence that hasn't been seen from Cadillac in a while.

I'm especially impressed with the front fascia. The massive grille and slim lamps just give it a mean and futuristic look.

The interior looks to have all the amenities you'd expect from a nearly $160,000 Cadillac.

And the rear end slightly bears resemblance to current Jaguar sedans or perhaps the Bentley Mulsanne.

My current favorite Cadillac, the ATS-V, was present. I'd prefer it in the Coupe Configuration with the Satin White paint, but this works too.

The new Camaro 50th anniversary edition was present. Pretty cool car, though I'd take it in a hardtop version.

I like the new tail-lights on the new Camaro.

The new Colorado Off-road package looks pretty cool. If I remember correctly, this had the new 4-cyl duramax engine.

The rock scenery showed a decent approach angle up front.

I especially like the bed-mounted spare tire mount.

This Chevy 2500HD "Alaskan" Snowplow truck was pretty nice. Is it just me, or are full-size pickups getting bigger?

This Carhart-edition 2500HD was also nice. 

Chevy has made this Bolt Electric car to, apparently, compete directly with the BMW i3 mini-crossover. What I want to know is....why are there Nissan curves behind the rear doors?

This new Cruze Hatchback looks pretty good. The styling in the front sticks with Chevy's current design language.

Even the new Sonic looks more like a Japanese sports compact. It would be interesting to see how this would do in an Autocross event next to a Honda Fit or Toyota Yaris.

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