Car Feature: Singer 911 Monaco Commission

If you are like me, until Season 20 of the massively popular BBC show Top gear, the name "Singer" brought up images of Sewing machines. My mom has one, both grandmothers had one, and my best friends mom had one.
But in season 20, episode 5 of Top Gear, which, by the way, sucks now that Clarkson, Hammond and May aren't on it, James May had a segment on the show that made my jaw drop.
He started the segment driving the new 991 911 Carrera S, which, by all rights, is an incredible car. With it's 3.8L H-6 engine, 7-speed PDK gearbox and nearly 400hp. But, it's new technology made classic 911 fans upset.
Which is where this car comes in. Built on a 1991 911 chassis, the body is 100% hand built out of Carbon Fiber. The engine is fettled by Cosworth, making something in the ballpark of 350hp. And the car has all of the best features of all the best 911's ever.
The interior is all hand-sewn from the highest-quality materials. The Houndstooth pattern throughout the interior just works. The small touches are what makes the car special. May even points out that the rev-counter goes up to 11, as a tribute to Spinal Tap.
The details even go under the boot lid. The checkered leather cover over the fuel tank, the small tool pouch on the front of the tank and even the leather trim around the bulkhead just add to the package.
This very car, as seen here, at the Singer Vehicle Design website, shows more detail of the car. After browsing their gallery, it's no surprise to see that this very car sold for $650,000. It'll be delivered to it's owner in Monaco after the Auto Show circuit finishes up later this year.

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