Apparently I'm obsessed...

After part 1 of the "best automakers" series, I got onto Hemmings Classic Cars and browsed. Now I really want a project car. The problem is, I don't have cheap tastes. I LOVE classic 911's, as, apparently, many other people do. This has driven the cost up considerably. Even the later air-cooled models like the 993 are going for upwards of $35,000 right now. That's just the Carrera models. Add an "S" or "Turbo" badge onto it, and the price doubles.

But apart from pricing, there are a few issues with the car. First, having never owned a carbureted car, I've not had much experience with tuning carbs. Second, I'm not even sure I fit into the car, being 6'5" and heavy.
Third, I've never owned a rear-engine car. I've driven a 2000 Carrera S, but that had the PDK trans, and I never broke 25mph.

As a Subaru enthusiast, I love the boxer engine, so that might explain my love of Porsche. That, or more likely, Need for Speed 5: Porsche Unleashed. To this day, still one of my favorite racing games. In the game, you go through the history of the marque, from the earliest 1100cc Coupe Ferdinand up to the then-brand-new 2000 911 Turbo, racing at both fictional and real locations. You had the ability to upgrade the car, sell the old parts, swap parts form car to car, paint the cars and, in some cases, swap the wheels. You could collect cars, buy broken cars, repair and sell cars, and compete in some absolute monsters. The damage model was a bit on the arcade side, though. I might try to find a copy of the game soon and do a play-through series on my YouTube channel.

I've always wanted to have a project car. Several times, I've been on the verge of pulling the trigger on one, but every time, something stops me. Be it rust (Most common), lack of legroom (second most common) or scarcity of parts (third most common).

But either way, when the time comes for me to get a project, I'll be posting up my progress.



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