What company has made the best cars so far? (part 1)

Who makes the best cars? This question has started many debates among car guys. Some people go by how many races the brand has competed in. Others go by the number of cars you see on the road. Either way, here are who I think makes the best cars and why I think that. Results are not in any order.

Porsche. Originating from one little car commissioned by Adolf Hitler, and designed by Ferdinand Porsche back in the 40's, the Porsche brand has evolved from what was more or less a fancy Beetle, to a brand known for it's racing pedigree, handling, performance, refinement, character and culture. For me, the name Porsche stirs up images of the 930 911 from the mid 1970's. 
The first 911 Turbo, a car known for it's potentially dangerous knife-edge handling, immense acceleration, snap power-off oversteer, and a quite massive level of turbo lag. Though, with a skilled driver behind the wheel, the car became an absolute monster at the track, taking wins in the FIA group 4 and 5 series. (photo via wallpaperup.com)

 Porsche is also known for building, according to the boys from Top Gear and now the Grand Tour, one of the first 2 true Supercars, the 959. Originally designed to compete in Group B Rally, the 959 could hit 200mph on road. As Porsche's first All-Wheel-Drive model, it showed great promise for Group B. I could go on and on about amazing Porsche's all day long, from the 356 to the 918 spyder, but I want to get to the next manufacturer. (photo credit: http://tinyurl.com/gsx9j5q)

Subaru. Starting in the 1950's with the little 360, a 360cc straight-twin 2-stroke-powered Kei-Car, and progressing on to today, to a company known for it's high-quality, high-mileage-capable, incredibly safe cars. (photo credit: ausmotive)
Subaru has also been synonymous with Rally, due to their many years of factory-backed rally cars in the WRC. So much so, in fact, that many WRX owners have put the WRC graphics on the side of their World-Rally-Blue cars. (photo credit: google image search)
Some Subarus have been more successful than others. The SVX, for example, wasn't a big seller. Using rather unconventional window openings, the SVX was a bit odd. It's 3.0L EZ-series engine, paired to the automatic transmission has proved to be a less-than-reliable combination, as well. (photo Credit: TopSpeed)

Subaru has had many gems as well, from the 360-variants like the Sambar, slightly larger cars like the Justy and GL, or even the weird, like the BRAT or Alcyone. And, while mentioning Subaru and their great cars, I would be amiss if I didn't mention the venerable 1998 Impreza WRX STi 22B, as well as the first-generation WRX, driven to WRC victory by the likes of Richard Burns and Colin McRae. (Photo Credit: google image search)
Next, I'd say Toyota has had some amazing cars. Any manufacturer that takes first place for "Worlds Best Selling Car" needs to be on the list. The Corolla, since 1966, has proven to be the best selling car ever, with over 40,000,000 sales (as of 2013). (photo credit: area2207.blogspot.com)
Toyota is also know for it's Camry, one of the most reliable cars ever. And, oddly enough, for the past few years, it's held the unusual title of "Most American-produced passenger car", as more than 80% of it's parts and materials were sourced from American companies. Not to mention it's actually assembled here, too. (photo Credit : Car and Driver)
Any mention of Toyota in a post like this would be incomplete without mentioning this, the Diesel Hilux. This particular example was put through hell by Jeremy Clarkson (Former BBC Top Gear presenter, Current Grand Tour presenter). He ran into a tree, backed into a wall, drove down stairs, drowned it in the English Channel at high-tide, set it on fire, hit it with a wrecking ball, dropped a caravan on it, dropped it from a crane, and finally, placed it on top of a block of flats slated for demolition, and imploded the building under it. And after all of that, using only simple tools, it started and drove under it's own power after each test. (Photo Credit: The Internet Movie Car Database)

There will be more manufacturers listed next time. But that's it for right now.
Thanks for reading.



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