The worlds most expensive hobby!!

As the saying goes, "The most expensive hobby starts with $0.99.", implying that people get into cars by buying a hot wheels car. Which is 100% true. I have been going through my collection, inventorying everything. I'll be posting up some of my favorites on the Toys page eventually.

I got my first cars at a very young age. Back then, I thought it was the stupidest thing ever to keep the cars in the packages. I wanted to, and did, play with them. I had the track sections, loops and such. I even played with them in the sandbox, crashed them, and made jumps out of modeling clay for them. Some, I even attmpted to paint. But, much like everything else in my life, I rushed it, which made for less than stellar results.

I've recently got back into collecting hotwheels. As I've been going through them all again, I've noticed that it might have gotten out of control for a while. Not even halfway through, and I've already hit 200. So, expect to see some of the (maybe all of them) posted up over on the Toys page.



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