The grand tour: Episode 6

I realize this post is a few days late, but, due to Christmas, I feel it's acceptable.

This week, the boys were in Finland. They started off ripping on the Finn's tendency to crash, and the fact that there are no famous Finn women.

Following that, Hammond showed us his thoughts on the new-to-the-uk RHD mustang. And, as expected, Clarkson began to irritate him in the Focus RS, only to turn around in the studio and say he preferred the Mustang.

Following that, they did their usual "Manly Christmas Gift Ideas" segment much like they did in years past on Top Gear. They showed off their new line of sweaters, condoms and hemorrhoid cream.

After that, May went back in time, or, presumably, his childhood, where he gave us the history of the Ford GT40, complete with test drives of the MK1 and 2 cars, as well as the Ferrari P3.

Go check out the episode on Amazon Prime.



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