The Grand Tour Episode 5: Still better than old-new Top Gear

As the series continues, Clarkson, Hammond and May haven't dissapointed. This week, they are in the Netherlands....well...for the non-film bits. Hammond and May started the show off with an argument ov MX-5 vs not an MX-5. They test out 2 cars in Morocco. Hammond had the new Mazda MX-5, and may showed up in a car I'd never heard of.  A mid-engine, rear-wheel drive 2-seat roadster powered by a 2.0T I-4 engine from a Focus ST, called the Zenos E10 S. Soon, though, Clarkson showed up with the new Alfa Romeo 4C Spyder. After a bit of arguing, they cut back to the tent for Conversation Street where Clarkson began talking about controversial things, like normal.

Next up, Hammond and May played a game of Battleships, but instead of ships, a board and small pegs, they used a runway, some shipping containers and a pair of cranes dropping G-Wiz electric cars into a grid. Which, as you'd imagine, was awesome.

After that, they were back in Morocco with more roadster competition at a movie set somewhere in Morocco.

Go watch it yourself, though.



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