The Grand Tour episode 3 is Live!!!

In typical friday fashion...well, at least for the past 3 weeks, a new episode of The Grand Tour is up on Amazon Prime!!

This week, they start in the small fishing port of Whitby, in Yorkshire, England, though very soon after the start of the show, they head to Italy for a Grand Tour, rather predicably. As you'll remember from Top Gear, this isn't new for them.

They were in an assortment of GT cars, including the new Rolls Royce Dawn drophead coupe, the new Aston Martin DB11 and the new Dodge Challenger Hellcat. I'll let you guess who is in what.

On their grand tour, they drive through Italy, eventually ending up in Venice, making stops along the way at places like Mugello, Modena and Florence.

Next, Clarkson debuted his self driving car, based on the Google car. And it is exactly what you would expect.

After that, Hammond makes good on his end of a bet in an earlier episode.

All in all, another great episode!!



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