2016 Event recap

2016 was a fairly eventful year for many of us. Even if you haven't followed the news, or watch TV, you no doubt have seen what's been going on. For some of us, though, Car events are what put us in a good mood. I am no exception.
Cars and Coffee events are a great way to spend a Sunday morning. Cars of all makes, models, year and types come out to the event.

Some cars are near perfect preservations of their original form. This Mustang Boss 302 is just one of those cars you can't help but stop and stare at.

You just can't help but admire the interiors of classic cars. The lack of modern ergonomics, the sculpted dashboards of to day and all of the LCD displays and buttons just make for a nice, nearly Elegant touch.

Some cars, like this Superformace Shelby Cobra, just ooze character. Even if it's just a reproduction, it still gives the same feeling as the original. It may not fetch as much as the original at Auction, but the owner, a retired gentleman, had fun building it from a kit.

This R32 Golf, while being based on a simple economy hatchback, is far from boring. AWD and a 3.2L shallow-angle V6 engine makes for a fun car.
The 2016 Michigan State University Racing Club Car Show is perhaps my favorite event of the year. Each year has gotten bigger and bigger. And the variety has gotten better and better every year. This Bosozoku-style Cressida was very well done. The paint, wheel fitment and stance is perfect for it's style.

As always, the Skylines draw the crowds. This is the same car from my first set of posts back in March of 2011. This was one of 4 Skylines at the show, including 2 R32's, an R33 and this R34.
Ever the classic, this minty VW beetle was one of my favorite cars.

Labor Day weekend saw another evenr that I am trying to add to my yearly schedule. The Labor Day Track Day at Grattan Raceway. 

Like the car shows, or Autocross events from years past, the variety of cars at a track day is amazing. From stock Miatas to things like the fully-built Subaru STi.
Thid Volvo, built by Team AntiLag Racing, as seen on Speedhunters, is quite unique. This 1968 Volvo 122s has been had it's 1600cc engine replaced with a Mitsubishi 4G63T.

Twice a year, Ken Lingenfelter of Lingenfelter Performace Engineering, opens up his private car collection to the public. Everything from a lowly Opel GT on up to cars like the Ferrari LaFerrari, the F40 (seen above) and the Bugatti Veyron.

Ken has made his name in performance kits for GM performance cars. And, it appears, he has done a bit to this Cobra as well.

During the summer, several places around the area have Cruise-In car shows. The closest such event is at the Olympic Broil in Old Town.
Cars like this Chevrolet panel van come out on a regular basis.

Most years, the MSU Cider cruise has been the last event of the season for the past few years. We gather together in a parking lot, and roll out to Uncle Johns Cider Mill in St. Johns.

Like with any event, the variety of cars is amazing. This MGB GT was so cool.

Usually, I drive there. This year, I rode along with a friend. Christian (seen hanging out of his car) let a friend drive while he got rolling shots.

Another event I went to for the first time this year was Northern Worthersee in Frankenmouth back in September. NoWo is a European-specific car show. Mostly German cars, but there were several Saabs and Volvos as well. This super clean early 911 was one of my favorites.
If I had to give an award for best color, this would win.

One of the cars that caught my eye was this bagged Audi TT. The wood floor and copper air lines just look so nice.

I had the chance to visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum in the infield at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The cars were amazing. I never thought I'd see one of the Legendary Porsche 917/10's, but I saw 2 of them here.
These cars here were my favorites in the whole museum. Especially the smaller one. The exhaust is just so cool.
And to close it all out, I went with a friend to the R.E.Olds museum here in Lansing. My friend, an avid Oldsmobile enthusiast, had the intentions of educating me on the history of his marque of choice. I added this, a 1949 Oldsmobile Woody Wagon, to my list of dream cars.

2016 was a good year for me. I hope 2017 will be even better.



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