The ever popular question: Dream garage?

As a petrolhead, this is something that floats around in my brain rather frequently, along with the other situations, like "How much would it cost to turn my car into a track monster", "How fast could I do a lap of Indianapolis Motor Speedway in a Tour bus", "Has anyone ever LS-swapped a Peel P50?" and "How many times would I need to stop for fuel and tires if I drove full speed from Miami to LA in a Veyron?"....

But the first question is the easiest for me to first. But after reading this recent post from Jalopnik, I got to thinking about this. So, this is my list, though I'm capping it off at 10.
And here are the rules:

First, These are the only cars I'll ever be able to own in this theoretical scenario. I can't sell one or more off to get others, I can't squeeze in an eleventh, I can't pick only 9, and, most importantly, they all have to be driven often (weather permitting)

Next, They don't have to be road-legal. This includes vehicles that weren't sold in your country, one-off customs, The ultra-rare one-of-one supercars, heavily modified cars, and even municipal or military vehicles.

Third, I know there are may people out there who would prefer bikes over cars, so I will add this rule: One car can be substituted for 2 bikes. So, this garage can consist of, categories excluded, 20 bikes.

And Finally, the categories. Your choices have to include the following:
 - A Tow vehicle (something capable of towing more than 10,000 lbs. This excludes most passenger cars. Ideally, something like a full-size SUV, pickup truck or larger would work here.)

 - A Daily driver. (For people who live in snow-prone areas, this might have to be split into 2 cars. A 3-season daily and a winter daily. This vehicle(s) is used for the normal commute, rather than for hauling around the family.)

 - A Family car. (Must seat five or more people and be reliable enough to travel long distances in comfort. Must also include amenities to keep passengers occupied.)

 - A Track Car (This one is likely not road legal, and must be trailered to the track. It can be any type of track, from Dirt rally or mudbogging to flat-out road-course or drag racing.)

 - A weekend fun car (for those weekends where you just get in this car and drive. Maybe to an Autocross, maybe to a car meet, maybe just to a friends house.)

 - A Show Car (Something people will flock to at a car show. Flawless bodywork, flawless paint, top-notch craftsmanship and fabrication. something you trailer to a parking lot 5 blocks away and nervously drive to the show to avoid getting made fun of for bringing a "trailer queen" to a show.)

-And finaly, the remaining spots (3 if you get winter, 4 if you don't) are for whatever you feel like.

Here are my picks for my 10-car garage:

1.) For the Towing vehicle: a 2016 Ford F450 with a 5th wheel utility bed, painted in a semi-gloss black.

2a.) The 3-season daily would be a 2017 Bentley Continental GT Speed.

2b.) The winter daily would be a 2017 Subaru WRX STi in World-Rally Blue.

3.) The family car would be a 2107 Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum in White.

4.) The track car would be a 2014 Jaguar XKR-S GT3 spec racecar.

5.) The weekend fun car would be a 2017 Porsche 911 GT3 RS finished in Ultraviolet.

6.) The show car would be a restomodded 1949 Oldsmobile Woody Wagon on air-ride done up in the California Beach cruiser style.

7.) empty slot #1 would be an Overland-prepped 1997 Toyota J80 Land Cruiser.

8.) Empty slot #2 would be a 2017 Cadillac CTS-V in matte white with the carbon fiber appearance package.

9.) And finally, in empty slot #3, I'd have a JDM 2008 Subaru Forester STi on coilovers with a Cosworth-built EJ27 stroker engine making somewhere north of 500 awhp....

That is my dream 10 car garage!
Please, comment below on what you would pick.



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