Car Review: 2008 Smart Four-Two Passion

For a while now, I've been hearing that the Smart is an awful car. It's a tiny little city car built by Mercedes, and aimed right at the Urban European market.

The resemblance to the Little Tykes Cozy Cruiser is a little odd...

So, as a 6'5" tall guy, I always love trying to get into tiny cars.  And, if you've watched my Youtube channel (foresterSG6), you may have seen my "Will I Fit" videos. I did a Fiat 500 Abarth, wich, before the Smart, was the smallest car I've gotten into.  This car also brings about many firsts for me. First time driving a Mid Engined car, First time driving a 2-seat car, and first time driving a microcar. Though, I feel that, as the first MR 2 seat coupe, things can only get better from here.
I wasn't going into this review with high hopes. As I opened the door, I noticed that I had in fact opened a panel nearly the size of the entire side of the car. Once I got into the car, I was immediately greeted by a problem...The utter lack of legroom and foot room made things difficult.

While driving the Smart, I noticed a few things. First, it's 1.0L inline 3 engine and 5-speed semi-automatic transmission makes for a car that would struggle to pass a golf cart. Second, the brakes felt as if they were unassisted, and worked as if the pedal was an on-off switch. They were either off, or full on. And third, The quick steering and short wheelbase made the car extremely twitchy, especially over bumps.

Sure, it's a tiny little German city car with 3-lug wheels and almost to power. Sure, it's as twitchy as squirrel trying to cross the street. Sure, it's doors are the size of the side of the car. But...It was a good bit of fun to drive. Not in the "Let's take it to the track" fun...but more like a, sort of, "This is so bad it's hilarious" kind of fun. If you want to see for yourself, just drive one.

Bonus Video

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