After-Dark Car Meets

Throughout the year, I go to the Michigan State University Racing Club Car meets on campus every wednesday night. During the summer, we meet in a parking lot. But, as it gets later in the year, or when it rains, we meet in a nearby parking ramp.

We see a wide variety of cars at our meets. Everything from completely stock, unmodified domestic economy cars to supercars and everything between. This Mini Cooper S with a rather large wing belongs to one of the younger guys in the club.

Some years, it would be understandable to assume that we were the MSU Subaru club, as Subaru models have had strong showings.

And the modifications greatly vary. This example, a 2008 WRX, if memory serves, has a largely factory stock appearance, other than the wing and wheels. But actually, the car makes somewhere in the neighborhood of 400hp on E85.

It's the subtle things that can make a car awesome. This MX5 miata has just the right mods.

From time to time, I am able to bring out a car from our new inventory at work. This is one example: a 2016 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L Track edition.

The new Miata, owned by the current club president, has had an interesting life thus far. You may notice a lack of a rear bumper fascia. The original was melted while at a track day.

As mentioned earlier, Subaru seems to be a popular choice with our club. The blue STi in the foreground is sitting on an AirLift Performance air ride kit. And, you can see my own subaru just beyond the Neon.

This particular STi is owned by another club member. He traded up to this from a Chevrolet HHR SS. Good choice, in my opinion.

This 911 Carerra is owned by one of the club members that has been around longer than I have. Dante, the owner, has had a rather interesting car history.

Local car club "High-G Racing" often brings their cars out to the meet. This M3 was awesome. It happens to be one of my favorite versions of the M3.

Here is another car I brought out to a meet. This one is a 2017 Genesis G80 sedan.

As I mentioned, we get a wide variety of cars, from German hot hatch to American Muscle.

Sometimes, we get cars that drop jaws, interrupt conversations and draw crowds. This Midnight Purple Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 did just that.

Sometimes, we even have unexpected car enthusiasts show up. Like these campus police officers who came to check out a noise complaint, and stayed to hang out for at least an hour.

If you are a car enthusiast, and live near East Lansing, Michigan, and find yourself with free time on a wednesday night, come on out and say hello. Even if your only ride has 2 wheels and requires human power.



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