NoWo car feature:Avengers TT on air ride

As many of you may know, I enjoy car shows. Sadly, in Lansing, most car shows have little variety. Local enthusiasts tend to be more into the all-original muscle car, Mini-trucks or the completely rediculous.

Preceding the next set of pictures from NoWo, I thought I'd do a car feature from the show.

This Audi TT caught my eye as I walked past. Combining the tight mesh wheels, the completely aired-out airbags, and the simply clean tank and line setup in the rear, this car was one of my favorites.

As you move around back, you start to see what I love so much about this car.. The glimpse of wood in contrast to the dark grey exterior make this car that much cooler.

The wood floor, the roll bar and the copper just go well together.

This view right here is what makes me like this car. The detail put into the tubing, the artwork on the tanks, and the roll bar to frame it all in.  I'm not sure who owns or built this car, but you, sir, have done an amazing job. Well done.

That does it for this feature. As they used to say in the 90's, stay tuned for more!



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