NoWo 2016 Car Feature: 1967 Porsche 912 coupe

I love Porsche. I'd happily own any model they've ever made. Yes, that includes the Panamera, the Cayenne and the Maccan. I'd even take a 944 or 928. And, when I think about it, I can trace my love of the brand back to my High School Graduation open house when a friend of mine gave me the Need for Speed collectors box set with 5 games, including NFS 2 SE, 3: Hot pursuit, 4: High Stakes, 5: Porsche Unleashed and 6: Hot Pursuit 2. By far, my favorite of the 5 was Porsche Unleashed.

This car, a 1967 912T coupe, while not in Porsche Unleashed, is very close to the original 911 Coupe. As this is a 67, you can still see several lines and curves shared with the 356. 

This car is the first to get the now-iconic 911 shape.

Originally sold from 1965 and 1969, the 912 used the 1.6L Horizontally-opposing Air-Cooled 4-cylinder engine based on that from the '64 - '65 356SC model, this car has had the flat 6 engine from a later model 911 swapped in.

The vintage interior is amazing. The Momo wheel, the black leather trim everywhere, the symetrical gauge cluster and the red seatbelts just make this car amazing.

A Proper vintage porsche front end. Since 1965, Stuttgart has been putting out iconic sports cars, still, more or less, bearing resemblance to this classic icon.
I feel bad for forgetting the owners name, but he was a really nice guy, and was more than happy to talk about the car. If anyone reading this knows who he is, please, make sure he sees this.

Also, to avoid any claims of plagiarism, I got most of the specs of the 912 from the wikipedia page.

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