Car Spotlight: Mk1 VW Caddy (Rabbit Pickup)

Some of you have read my NoWo features from a few weeks ago. I was going through my pictures folder and found another folder of pictures I forgot about. So, I guess it's better late than never.

When I saw this car, I had to stop and stare. We passed this car on the way in as it was being unloaded off of a large 3-car flatbed. Not sure if it was the color, the absence of ride height, or the cleaner-than-OEM nature of the car....

But this car just stood out to me. The body is, apart from the flares and paint, appears to be largely stock. The bumpers and black textured plastic and rubber trim look fresh off of the parts counter.

While a common choice, it's very difficult to go wrong with a set of 3-piece BBS RS wheels. Especially when the spokes are color-matched to the rest of the car. Not sure if the drop is static or air ride, but it looks amazing. No surprises that it was trailered, though. I can only imagine how rough this rides.

When I stepped up to the engine bay, I was amazed at just how clean it was. Everything is completely shaved. Other than the ignition wires, there's no exposed wiring.
Right down to the Transmission...which was color-matched to the car. Sometimes it's the small things that make a car.

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