Car Review: 2017 Hyundai Elantra SE

After watching a video on YouTube from Jalopnik about the best cars for under $20,000. They mentioned the Elantra, and I've been wanting to test drive one. So, I drove one last night after my department closed. Unlike most reviews I've done, this one wasn't on my lunch break.
In fact, as I finished up the shoot, I was greeted by a rather spectacular sunset.

The SE model has the plastic blanks in place of the Fog / Driving lights on the Limited, as well as Steel wheels rather than Alloys, Halogen headlamps rather than Xenon HID's, and Halogen Daytime running Lights rather than LED lights. 
The redesigned fascia on the 2017 and up model looks more in tune with the rest of Hyundai's new design language. And, if you look at it long enough, you can make out a rather aggressive face.

The rear has seen the smallest change since the old model, and even that has changed considerably.

The interior is nice for it's price point, though, as one would expect for $20,000, there are a few rattles here and there. Everything seems to be of a higher build quality than I was expecting, as well.

The 147hp DOHC 2.0L 4-cylinder engine averages 33mpg, and feels adequate for the size of the car. According to, the Elantra weighs less than 2,800lbs.

Overall, I'd say it is definitely a car to consider if you are in the market for a sub-$20k car, especially if you are considering a Corolla, Focus or Cruze.

 If you are interested in checking this, or other Elantras, or any other 2016 - 2017 model year Hyundai, or any car, for that matter, check out any of the Suburban Collection dealerships. This particular car can be found here at Suburban Hyundai of Lansing. For even more information, Check out the Hyundai Motor America site as well.

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