Event coverage: Northern Worthersee part 2

Sorry for the delay, guys. Let's jump right into part 2 of NoWo coverage;
This clean Mk5 was one of many in attendance.

The wheels on this TT make the car look amazing!

There's just something about a white sport sedan with tint...I love it.

Grey and red together...such an great look. Especially on  this Mk6

These black corvette Sawblades look amazing on this Mk5 Sport Wagon

This Fiat 500 Abarth looked amazing. The red, white and black combination just works.

BBS RS wheels are always a good choice on a Golf

The color on this 5-series, even though it's just standard grey,  looks really good.

This Audi Quattro S2 was awesome. I had never seen one before the show.

The 2.2L I-5 Turbo engine in the S2 is a bit unusual, though as the front core support had to be formed around the engine.

Stay tuned for more from NoWo!!



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