Event Coverage: Northern Worthersee Part 1

As some of you know, especially if you read the Speedhunters blogs, the Worthersee show in Austria is a huge gathering of cars made under German marques, such a anything from the volkswagen Auto Group, Mercedes, BMW and their respective companies. A several years back, a group started Southern Worthersee, which, sadly came to an end in 2014. In 2013, a group of auto enthusiasts started up Northern Worthersee in Frankenmuth, Michigan. As we rolled into the show, the sky looked a bit like rain. The forecast showed a 75% chance of rain at about noon.

The color on this S4 was perhaps my favorite of any at the show

This Corrado, with its fresh paint, was awesome. We were following it in on the highway.

This Mk.2 Jetta looked as clean as the day it rolled off of the new car lot.

As we rolled in, we were directed to park next to this. Perhaps the cleanest 80's E-class I've ever seen.

Sitting low on a BagRiders air-ride kit, this car was amazing.

I had to stare at this one for a while. Them ore I looked, the more I liked it.

Like alot of the other VW's in the show, this one was on air as well. I really like the white-on-white theme.

I've seen many show builds online and at varying shows, and many wire tuck jobs. Never one this clean, though.

Always a fan of this generation S4. Especialllly when it's on Rotiform NUE's.

You can tell the owner of this Audi cares little for the clean show look, and rather went for a more...rat look. I still think it looks good.

The old Air-cooled Volkswagens are always something I like to see. So this volkswagen Type 3 Squareback was cool to see.

another white-on-white Golf. I love the way this looks.

This chameleon Golf looks nice. I'm pretty sure this car was also at the MSU show.

Loving the color combination on this A4

I like the grille and stripes onthe front of this Jetta. It's a very clean look.

Here's a rather agressive-looking S4. Looks like a car I'd drive.

Pretty sure this RS4 was my favorite Audi sedan at the show.

The engine bay on the RS4 just barely fits in here...I can only imagine what goes into working on one of these.

I'm a huge fan of vintage european cars, so this Karmann-Ghia cabriolet was awesome to see.

As one of the few Front-engine Rear-Wheel-Drive Porsche's, the 944 is a cool car, though it's not often that I see an example as clean as this one. And there were two examples!

I love the old Air-cooled 911's, so this Targa was another favorite.

Here's the other 944. Not as clean as the previous example, but still clean.

This 5-series (Possible M5?) is really nice. I'd love to own one.

This Supercharged VR6-swapped Mk1 Rabbit was amazing. The engine seems to fit fine. I can only imagine the wheelspin and torque steer this thing has....

This 4-door VW truck was so cool. If I have been told correctly, it won Best VW in the show.

The vehicle, as it sits, is perfect. I'd love to own this, though I hear they are quite rare.

This color, I'm told, is a rare color on the Mk4 Golf. I'd gladly paint my Forester this color.

That's it for now. Keep checking back for parts 2 and 3.



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