Car Reviews: 2017 Cadillac CT6

I got the chance today to review a 2017 Cadillac CT6. Going into it, I hadn't really ever driven any Cadillac other than a 2012 CTS and an SRX.

My first impressions of this car were that it was the new DeVille. The car wouldn't look out of place parked
beside a Bentley Flying Spur, an Mercedes S600 or a Rolls Royce Ghost.

Being close to 4,100lbs, the car is surprisingly nimble, thanks to a 4-wheel-steering system.

The CT-6's 3.6L DOHC V-6 with 335hp, 8-speed automatic transmission and All-wheel drive system
give the car surprisingly nice acceleration. Large heavy duty 4-wheel discs make it stop nicely too.

The interior is also much nicer than I was expecting. The plastics seemed to be of a higher quality than other
Caddy's. The touchscreen worked well, and the Panaray sound system paired with bluetooth was amazing.

The Gauge Cluster looks pretty cool. Combining alanog gauges and digital readouts, it has a very modern look.

The interior had some nice color combinations. Toffee brown leather, black leather, carbon fiber.

The back seats were quite roomy, and the center armrest, with the awesome cupholder mechanics, was pretty cool.

This is a very nice place to ride.

Overall, I'd say that I'm very impressed with the car. If I was in the market for  a luxury sedan,  I'd  be hard-pressed to pick from the large pool of german entries in this class.

Big thanks to Blake, at Suburban Cadillac of Lansing for setting up the test drive.
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