2015 Michigan State University Spring Car Show

As most of you (those of you who actually follow this blog, anyway) know, this past weekend was the Michigan State University Spring car show. In it's Fifth year this year, it's quickly become The event to start the season, if not the best event of the year. Growing from a mere 65 cars in it's infancy to well over 1,000 cars this year, it's drawn attention from all corners of the state, and neighboring states.

The Saab 9-2x is a bit of an obscurity. Essentially a badge-engineered Subaru WRX with some added "Saabisms" like the signature Grille and a mildly redesigned interior, it's certainly a nice looking car.

This Nissan Skyline R31 GT-S was a nice addition to the show. I hadn't seen one outside of a Gran Turismo title, so I spent quite alot of time speaking to the owner. It's for sale, by the way.

This Subaru BRZ, equipped with a 6666 Labs "Rocket Bunny" wide-body kit, and riding on Air-Lift suspension made an appearance. You may have seen it featured on Speedhunters recently. Find the link to the feature at the end of this post.

This Audi S4 wagon on Air-ride and brightly colored wheels was a fine example of the OEM+ style common among the Euro crowd.

This Track-ready MG-A looked nice parked beside one of the other MG's at the show. When they fired it up at the end of the show, it sounded like a swarm of angry bees. I'd imagine it would be fun to watch it at a track day.

This First-Generation BMW M3 drift car certainly turned several heads. It's increased steering angle, widened stance, Racing livery and bare-bones interior certainly  looked the part.

This Lamborghini Coutach certainly drew a crowd. Despite sporting a General Motors LS-series V8 in place of the original V-12, it looked and sounded amazing.

One of many Focus ST's, though certainly the lowest, this example was part of Airlifts display.

Another Airlift car. Dodge Magnum rocking the Viper wheels.

Another shot of the Rocket Bunny BRZ.

This SF Forester was part of the AutoCity Import group. As a fan of foresters, this certainly caught my attention. I'd say out of all the foresters in the show, my own included, this was one of my favorites.

Another view of the SF.

One of many 2015 Mustangs at the show. This was one of my favorites. The color and the wheels compliment each other nicely.

A nice GC Impreza WRX coupe.

The AE86 Corolla GT-S is another car I don't see often, if at all, here in Michigan. 

This Ferrari F430 Scudaria wasn't parked inside the show, but was a very nice example. One of 2 Ferraris on site, it certainly drew a crowd.

This SG Forester XT was one of my personal favorites.

This Nissan S13.5 drift car looked ready to get sideways.

Another of my favorites, a CTS-V Wagon

This Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante was a nice addition.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X is a common, but still awesome platform for Import Enthusiasts.

This Bugeye WRX wagon was unfortunate enough to blow an engine during the Loudest Exhaust Competiton.

Another classic British sports car.

This First-generation Volkswagen Sirocco was gorgeous, especially cosidering it's pristine condition and all-original condition.

This Saab 9000 was one of the many rare and interesting cars in attendance.

Another rarity, a near mint condition Saab Sonnet III. Powered by an unusual V-4 engine.

This bright green challenger was another crowd favorite.

This Viper has become a regular at the MSU show, making an appearance for the last 3 years.

This BMW M6 was one of the many Exotic / Sports cars in attendance.

This highly-customized Chrysler 300 might look familiar to you, especially if you went to AutoRama in Detroit this year.

This Nicely done up Landcruiser was one of my favorite trucks in attendance

A very clean JDM MKIV JZA80 Supra.

This S2000 sporting a Powerhouse Amuse GT-1 widebody kit was attempting to cook hot dogs on the Turbocharger turbine housing....not sure how well it worked out, though.

This rather unique Nissan 350Z caught my eye. It's simulated R35 GT-R front end conversion certainly makes it stand out.

This Factory Five replica of the famed Shelby Daytona was an awesome car to see.

I especially liked this modified Jeep wrangler.

This 2JZ-GTE-swapped Lexus IS300, owned by one of the MSU Racing Club Members, was another of the Luxury performance vehicles.

This pair of high-end sports cars drew quite a crowd. I was a big fan of the 911 Turbo S. 
This nicely done Focus ST was one of over 30 in attendance.

 This Highly-customized Volkswagen Microbus, dubbed the "Short Bus", was another of my favorites.
This Nissan 300ZX was very nicely executed. The fender-exit exhaust was a nice touch.

This DeLorean DMC-12 was a crowd favorite, taking second place in the 1980's category.

This Morgan Three-wheeler drew crowds as well. The owner loves talking about it, and even took people for rides in it after the show.

This Ferrari 458 Italia drew alot of attention, as you would expect.

Probably my favorite Volkswagen at the show was this Mk.4 Jetta track car.

One of many Ford Fusions represented. The added lower lip, black wheels, tint and headlights make it look pretty aggressive.

One of several custom Hot-Rods in attendance

Another Fusion. This one was being shown off by the Title Sponsor, the Lighting Firm.

Another Mk.IV Supra

One of  4 or 5 Audi R8's in attendance.

A very well-done Honda S2000 hardtop.

This Grabber Blue Mustang was certainly an eye-catcher

There's just something about brightly colored wheels on a grey car...

This 1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser was one of my favorites. Made famous by "That 70's Show".

One of many well-done Volkswagen GTi's.

Even though this show was full of imports, the hot rods still had a strong showing.

This classic Celica was certainly a well-preserved example
Although it's not exactly stock anymore...

This Pontiac G8, if memory serves, won the loudest exhaust competition at over 120 decibels.

A Nicely done G8

This older Legacy was extremely clean. I don't see too many of these around.

Another clean Mk.4 Jetta.

Ths classic Porsche sounded mean,

Another obscure car....a Subaru SVX

I'm not usually a fan of mini-trucks, but this S10 was very well done.

This show was amazing this year, despite having to turn away a few hundred cars.
Be sure to check it out next year.

As promised, here's the link to that Speedhunters Feature.



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