Followup post to "My Perfect Car"

There are a few cars that come close on some points, but fall off on others. The Ferrari FF comes to mind. IT's a wagon, yes, and it's AWD. It's got the power, it's got the noise. But, it's got an overly complicated drivetrain, it's heavy, it's only a 2-door, and it's not available in a manual.

Essentially, my perfect car doesn't exist, but if it did, in order to keep the weight at or under 3000 lbs:

1.) Aluminum space frame surrounded in carbon fiber, full carbon body to keep the weight down

2.) Billet aluminium modular engine block, preferably a 180-degree V8 (essentially, a boxer-8) to keep the weight down low.

3.) Carbon fiber / aluminium Propshafts

4.) Aluminium alloy transaxle case / transfer case

Naturally, this would not be anywhere south of the $200,000 mark, though.



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