My Perfect car

Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect car is. As a gearhead, I find it hard to nail down one perfect car. If I had to, though, It would have the following features:

1.) It would have to be a wagon. Versatility is key here.

2.) RWD or All-wheel drive would be a must.

3.) A Paddle-shifted manual (Like in a Nissan GT-R) is a must.

4.) Torque: in the 300 - 450 ft-lb range.

5.) Horsepower: 350 - 500 HP range.

6.) engine: Direct-injected twin-turbo DOHC V6 or V8.

7.) Suspension: Double Wishbone suspension front and rear with coilovers.

8.) Wheelbase: at least 105 inches

9.) Legroom: Comparable to an 80's Coupe DeVille

10.) Sunroof / retractible roof panels.

11.) 4-wheel disc brakes (13" front, 12" rear)

12.) It needs to weigh less than 3000 lbs.

Not sure if this car exists, but if it does...I must own one.



  1. Sounds like a super car! Can think of many cars that hit some of your major points (Ex. A Mercedes C63, which makes the power, has 5-doors, probably comes with a sun-roof, etc. - ), but they always miss the mark on something (Using the C63 again, it's heavier than 3,000 lbs, may not have those exact brake sizes, and probably can't stack up to a Deville in leg room).

    Maybe a modified/hot-rodded version of another car would meet the requirements? Could only imagine what the performance numbers on something like this would be if it was all calculated out!


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