004 - Where it's made

So I'm constantly getting into debates with people at work over "American vs. Import" cars. It's an argument that can't be won easily. Those who are diehard "Buy American" supporters tend to be so pig-headed to the point where trying to explain that they're really not American made is as inefective as trying to explain the theory of evolution to a creationist. You won't get anywhere.

So, out of curiosity, I ask you. What are your opinions on the matter? Please, comment.



  1. This can be a touchy subject, no doubt about it!

    Can't knock on those who want to support the American manufacturers, but you're point that they're often comprised of foreign parts and/or assembly is hard to ignore.

    Since so many car makers are on board with the idea of outsourcing, I personally don't mind it so long as the products still get the job done while staying true to the brand's flavor (Ex. Mazda's tend to emphasize sportiness, Honda's ultimate reliability, etc.).

    "Quality" is subject to personal interpretation and experiences, and I believe that the latter will always be the ultimate influence. I know people who've let down their pitchforks and forgiven a lifelong vendetta with brand "X" simply over driving an example and vice versa.

  2. Despite what people may think, I don't have anything against "american" cars, per se.
    The more boring, vanilla cars we have on the road, the more we enjoy our not-so-vanilla cars.

    Nothing wrong with supporting your own economy. In fact, it no one did, we'd be screwed more so than we already are.

    And your point on Quality. Very true. Sadly, all most people require in a car is that it drives down the road straight, doesn't always break down, and is cheap to maintain. So Quality to me might not be quality to the next guy.

  3. Definitely looks like you give domestics plenty of credit and coverage here on the blog, so no doubts about that there! That's true too, though I'm totally fascinated by how newer cars keep getting more and more capable even in that category. (Off-topic!)

    True to that! Wonder how much more the economy would benefit if they "made them like they used to" with quality American-made parts.

    Always seems to be a toss-up- and a controversial one at that!

    1. In my opinion, as a career parts guy, I believe that, unfortunately, if we went with 100% american made parts, the cars quality would go downhill so fast..and the price would go up. My experience with american made hard-parts (Wheel bearings, OE replacement clutches, etc.) is that they are a little bit cheaper than the asian-made parts, with the same warranty. Though, the american parts don't last as long. I would not want a car with american-made electronics. I want my electronics Japanese or Korean. I want my brakes Australian. I want my tires from Japan or Korea. They seem to make the best products on the market at the moment.

    2. There's something to be said about the bad reputation China can sometimes get through sensationalized media bits or hearsay. One would only hope that the United States would do better and at a cheaper price tag- an expected perk from being domestic (Though many imports do have roots here now). With that said, if they cannot (And in your first-hand experience don't) deliver, then the outsourcing is surely justified!


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