003 - Cost

I've been noticing now much new cars are costing. I saw the new Cadillac CTS V-sport today at work.
$72,500...though for that money, you would get a base S-class Mercedes, Mid-range BMW 760, or 1/3 of a Bentley Flying Spur. What's even crazier than the initial cost is the rate of depreciation.
You'd spend $72,000 on a new Cadillac, only to have it worth $62,000 as soon as you sign your name on the paperwork and grab the keys.
And a year down the road, it's gone down to closer to $32,000.
Even with less than 15,000 miles on the odometer, and 1 year off of the lot, it's lost $40,000 of value.

That anyone would buy a new car, simply for the initial financial commitment, the $1,100 per month lease payments, and the high insurance premiums is just crazy....however...Buying a new car is the only way to ensure you'll never have expensive repair costs, due to the amazing warranties offered by Manufacturers.

New Car sales also improve road safety, one car at a time. The more newer cars on the road, the lower the risk of a fatal accident goes.

Newer cars operate at a much lower level of pollution, to the point where the air coming out of the exhaust pipe is as clean or cleaner than the air going in in more smog-prone areas, that each car sold becomes an air purifier.

Newer cars are using less fuel than older cars. Less demand = lower prices.

Just some things to think about.



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