Rant: Craigslist..(Warning: Opinion about to be expressed)

I"ve been browsing craigslist recently to kill time. Entering the search term "rat" into the For Sale: Cars and Trucks section brings up a very distinct vehicle style...or so you would think.
The Rat Rod. It seems people's definition of a "Rat Rod" is anywhere from a car with a small patch of visible rust, to an actual, bare-metal, chopped, dropped and rusted custom Rat Rod.
This needs to stop. Just because the vehicle has Matte-Black paint, red steel wheels, and some pinstriping doesn't make it a rat rod. If the interior is pristine, there's no rust on the vehicle, and there's any highly-polished chrome on it at all, it's not a Rat Rod. It's a Hot Rod.

Your 70's pickup that's been restored, painted matte black, with a beer keg in the bed as a fuel tank, and in otherwise pristine condition is NOT a Rat Rod.

Here's a few guidelines for posting on Craigslist.

1. Have at least 3 photos: Front 3/4 view, rear 3/4 view, engine.
-make sure the photos are both big enough to see detail
-make sure they are clear enough to see detail. (grainy cell-phone pics are ok if that's ALL you have to take pics with.
-We are not browsing Craigslist car ads to see pics of you. Stay out of the photo. Don't post pics of your car with you leaning against it.
-Make the photos facing the right way. Sideways pics are not cool. I tend to ignore posts with sideways photos.

2. Don't mis-label the cars.
-If i click on a link that says "1995 Camaro", I want to see a 1995 Camaro, not a 98 Buick LeSabre.

3. Tags.
-I know you're trying to generate as many views as possible, but if you're trying to sell your S-10, why do you put a tag for "Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Honda Civic, Race Car, ....." those things have NOTHING to do with your car.

4. Spelling.
-I can't stand reading the adds that use Text-lingo, shorthand, letters replaced by numbers and symbols, and other things. I nkow you think it looks awesome, but to the rest of us think it's absolutely retarded. It shows a lack of intelligence. And when you do use actual words, please, use spell check. Craigslist doesn't have a spell-check function, but Google does...

5. Flagging
-Flagging a post as spam is not how you save a posting. save it to favorites, or to bookmarks. People are honestly trying to sell their cars. if an add is actually spam, flag it as such, but don't just flag someones post because you don't like them or their car.

This ends my rant.



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