Zombie-Proof Vehicles

So, I've posted these in the past, but here are the ZomPocalypse vehicles I've designed.

This one is a Hummer H2, fitted with a full External Roll Cage, rugged off-road suspension and a large roof rack, tied into the exo-cage, and welded directly to the Chassis. Should be able to support up to 500 lbs on the roof. The Trailer is a custom, fully tubular steel cage. Designed to protect from outside attackers, such as Lions, Bears, Zombies and the like.

This is a Land Rover Defender 110. The wheelbase has been stretched a bit, and it's been fitted with a snorkel and a sturdy roof rack. Matte green paint should help it blend, too.

A TJ Jeep Wrangler. Fitted with a Full Ex-Cage, knobby tires, beadlocker wheels and a snorkel. Ready for anything.

Sure, a bit outrageous, but for those close to a rock quarry, what could be more intimidating to the Undead? a vehicle the size of  the moon. This example has had the dump bed removed, and replaced with a multi-level shooting platform, a shelter, and a helipad. Also Mini-Guns. Always a plus.

Another take on the H2 Hummer. slightly different cage and trailer.

This is pretty much Diesel Locomotive meets Tank. 2 Engines, space for 20, dual Gattling gun turrets, rear shooting platform, "Zombie Plow", and external cage. Overkill? Yes. But better to have over the top rather than puny, eh?

 Tracked Transport. Armored, Versatile, Big. Yes, Please.
 For when you need a Quick Getaway, or you just want to have a go at zombie hit and run. This modified Ford SVT Raptor pickup should do the trick.
Here's aon old Chevy Suburban. it's Big. It's got custom front fenders, rear custom wide flares, full Exo-Cage, long-travel suspension, knobby tires, sturdy trailer. You'd be set.

GMC TopKick 5500 series truck. External Roll Cage. Rooftop Tent. Ideal? quite possibly.

 Modified GMC 3500HD. Lifted suspension, PArtial Exo-Cage, rugged trailer, sturdy roof rack, auxillary lighting. Should do the trick.
 Half School Bus, Half Semi. Perhaps a bit challenging, but it Should work.
Long-wheelbase Lunch Truck. Perfect for the convoy Galley. keeps food safe.

 Another Modded 3500HD. More spacious trailer, rooftop Tent, extended front end to allow a bigger, more powerful engine.
Caged Semi. Perfect for Hoarde-Bashing.

Unique 1-man mini-tank. It floats, it can be fast, and it can mow down the hoarde in short order...as long as you remember to fill up the ammo...

 Mobile Command Post with Guard stations on the roof.
 Modified MRAP Buffalo. Arm replaced with guns...and a plow.
 Extended MRAP Buffalo...I call it...the "Pain Train"...

Caged School bus. Ideal for transporting large groups of survivors. This one is 4-wheel drive.

 Classic Suburban with an Exo-cage. pretty simple.
A Nissan Baja Trophy Truck. Useful when a getaway is needed.

The Ford Raptor with some Bite.

 Custom GMC 5500 series with a boxed in rear section. Perhaps a good mobile command center. It's got a good rooftop lookout platform.
 Fully armored truck, based on the GMC 3500HD chassis. Tough, bulletproof, and rugged....Quite thirsty though..
Amphibious Transporter. It's a big beast, but when the time comes, you'll be glad you have this in your fleet.

Thanks for checking it out.



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