CAD Update: The Rest.

Here are some more drawings I've done since February.

DC4 Integra on Work Equip 03's

Evo 8 with wing delete on BRAID WinRace A Tarmac wheels.

Above car in Color

Evo 8 on Weds Wheels

Above Car in color

Lusso Forged M3

RPS13.5 on Enkei NTO3+M

Dodge Magnum on Wedssport Kranze LXZ wheels

Alfa Romeo GTV

Slammed Forester SG on Weds Kranze wheels

Ferrari F40 with Aero Mods, on Volk TE37V's

Lowered Saturn Sky on Volk CE28N's

Thanks for viewing. Leave opinions and suggesions in the comments area.


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