Lansing Outta Control Car Show 2011

Sorry for the late post, but here are some pics from the Outta Control car show at Adado Riverfront park in Lansing, MI.

 Monster Ford
 A customized Impala
 Badge on the rear hatch of a Nissan 350Z
 Mustang II
 Custom chrysler 300
 yes, those are wood-grain wheels
Sort of custom Gran Prix
 custom Impala
 custom bikes
 "Pepsi-sponsored"? magnum
 more custom bikes
 and another one
 decent paint on this one
 clean too

 not quite sure about this one...
 custom mini-truck
 Custom impala..with 1 stock wheel
 A Custom corvette
 Another Vette
 Lots of chrome
 Truck Balls
 Quad on Dubs
 Old-school truck rolling in
 Nice Benz
 Custom Hayabusa
 Looks like this guy had problems with an Ex
 keyed and all
 Lifted, chameleon El Camino..somehow won best in show...
 A Cavy
 A pretty cool Bagged Bravada.
 Laying Frame

 Custom Caddy
 Interesting Paint job here
 The El-Camino
And the only Nissan there...'

More pics to come..and this time, from this year.



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