Feb. 2012 CAD update Part 1

After several months without a CAD update, here's everything I've got in color so far. Forgive the quality of the coloring.
Frederic Aasbo's Formula-Drift RWD Scion TC
 A Saab 900NG 
A Classic Saab 900
A Custom Plymouth Prowler Hot Rod with an NRE Turbo V8
A RWD-converted, Fully custom Drift-Tuned Chrysler Town and Country Van 
Dumped Chrysler Minivan
 Infinity G37 Coupe on Rotiform BLQ 3-piece wheels
 Infinity G37 Coupe on Vossen wheels
Infinity G37 Coupe GT
Pagani Huayra in Red on TSW Nurburgring wheels 
 Pagani Zonda R on Enkei RPF1 wheels
Pagani Huayra
Cadillac CTS-V Wagon on Lusso Forged wheels
Morgan Aeromax Drag car 
Morgan Aeromax
Dumped Kia Soul on Rotiform BLQ wheels 
Kia Soul on Enkei NTO3+M wheels
Ex-Caged TJ Jeep 
Rock-Crawling TJ Jeep 
Jeep Wrangler TJ 4-door
Mercedes Benz S-Class Pope-Mobile 
Murdured Out Mercedes S600 on Work Euroline wheels
 Mercedes S600 on Forgiato wheels
 Mercedes S600 Limosine German Ambaassador
 Brabus-Tuned Mercedes SLS AMG
Lifted and Stretched Pontiac Aztek 
Slammed Aztek 2-Door Truck 
Halo Wharthog-inspired Aztek Truck
Aztek-Based Mini-truck 
Off-Road Aztek
GT-tuned Pontiac Fiero 2M6
Custom Range Rover Defender 110 
Custom Range Rover Defender 110
Hummer H2 Expedition truck
Ferrari FF-GT 
Ferrari FF 
Ferrari F40
First-Generation Mitsubishi Eclipse (1G DSM) Slammed 
 1G DSM Drag Car
 4G Eclipse
 4G Eclipse TC
 Ella-Flushed 1G DSM
 1G DSM on Rotiform NUE wheels
 Slammed Hyundai Sonata Turbo
Drift-Spec Hyundai Genesis Coupe 
 Slammed Hyundai Genesis Sedan on Rotiform BLQ's
Lowered Hyundai Genesis Sedan on Rotiforms 
 Drift-Spec Genesis Coupe
 Stock Genesis Coupe
 Genesis Coupe with Sedan front end swap
 Lowered Sonata Turbo
Hyundai Genesis Sedan
 Extended Smart
 Camo Tuner Smart
Smart FourTwo
 Custom GMC 3500HD
 GMC 5500 custom
 Expedition GMC 3500HD 
 Expedition 3500HD
 Expedition 3500HD
 Expedition 3500HD
 Expedition 5500
Rock-Crawler GMC
Rolls Royce Phantom LWB Limo
 Audi R8 Slammed
 Bagged RS4 Avant on Rotiform TMB's
 RS4 Avant on Rotiform NUE wheels
 Slammed RS6 Avant COupe on BLQ's
Audi R8GT 
 RS6 Avant Slammed on Bentley Conti GT wheels
 Audi A4 B6 Coupe TC
 RS4 Avant on TMB's
 TRON:Legacy-Themed Audi R8
Audi A4 B6 slammed on Rotiform BLQ's
 Murdured-Out 7-series
 Slammed 7-series
 Custom 7-series
 BMW E30 Art Car
 BMW Z4 Convertible on Rotiform BLQ's
 BMW 3-series Convertible
 TC-style E30
 Street TC-style E30
 Slammed 7-series and Caravan
 BMW M3 TC with lighter tinting
3-series Vert on Black BLQ's
 Mk. 3 VW Golf GTi on Work Euroline wheels
 VW Sirocco Mk. 2 on Rotiforms
 Lowered Beetle
 Slammed Beetle
 Custom Mk. 3 on Audi R8 wheels
 Slammed Mk. 6 GTi on BLQ's
 Mk. 3 GTi on BBS wheels
 V.A.G. Frankenstein. Using an Audi RS6 Avant chassis, an Mk. 2 Sirocco rear roof and hatch section, Gallardo Rear end, mirrors and front splitter, Porsche 911T Brake duct andRotiform BLQ wheels
 Mk. 6 GTi TC
 VW Caddy Pickup
 Mk. 2 GTi on SSR Mk. 2 wheels
 Mk. 3 GTi slammed on BBS LM wheels
 Stretched and slammed VW Caddy
Slammed VW Mk. 2  Sirocco on Ronal Aero 18' wheels

more to come later.



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